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IncQuery Labs Ltd. is a young and innovative company, founded in 2013 by a group of experts, with over 50 years of total R&D experience in model driven engineering. Our mission is to accelerate technology transfer from top-notch academic research to challenging industrial projects. We have a long track record of successful international collaboration with both academic and industrial partners.


Eclipse/ToolMakers' Day

Eclipse/Toolmakers’ Day is an event created for the tool developer community. This is a workshop that highlights how the most successful engineering companies build in-house software tools to stay ahead of the competition. Our workshop features a selection of Hungarian and international speakers from a wide spectrum of software-intensive engineering domains including automotive, telecommunication, energy, avionics, and Internet-of-Things. The main technological theme of the workshop is centered around the Eclipse open source ecosystem, which is currently at the forefront of tool development innovation. Eclipse is now far more than just a Java IDE. It is a rich software platform that encompasses programming languages, tools, protocols and frameworks from an exceptionally wide range of domains.

This open event features several speakers with 45 minute presentations. There is no special target audience, we just ask for you to come, listen and ask any questions you may have on the subject matter. Our workshop is meant to benefit anyone who is developing software engineering tools, either as part of an open source or in-house project. We believe that these talks will be of tremendous value to any technical lead or software developer working within engineering companies in critical embedded systems domains.

Topics and key takeaways:

  • Learn about how custom tools can enhance not only software, but complete systems engineering processes
  • Boost developer productivity via software modeling and code generation
  • Improve documentation and stakeholder communication
  • Shorten time-to-market, even within extreme domains such as high-risk R&D

The workshop will feature two sessions:

  • The morning session will feature key members of the international Eclipse community and cover a wide range of topics including systems engineering tools, collaborative technologies, and domain-specific languages.
  • The afternoon session will focus on tool development innovations in Hungary, with a special concentration on the automotive and telecommunication domains.

When: 26 April 2017, 8:30-17:30

Where: Ericsson Science Park, 4-20 Irinyi József street, 1117 Budapest, Hungary

Free registrationhttps://ti.to/bpconferences/craft-conference-2017/discount/IncquerylabsSentMe

Open Cyber-Physical System Model-Driven Certified Development  

The OpenCPS project is founded by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund. Project details:
Hungarian Consortium: IncQuery Labs Ltd, ELTE-Soft LLC
Amount of funding: 60 000 000 HUF (76% aid intensitiy)
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