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IncQuery Labs is an innovative B2B software tool development company, which specializes in research and development as a service. Our mission is to accelerate transfer from theoretical foundations to correct & efficient industrial implementations by using best practices in software engineering combined with state of the art technology. Our team consists of 25 highly trained specialists and software engineers, experienced across a variety of application domains.


InstaSchema is here!

A new chapter is about to begin in our company’s life. We are glad to share with you the news that IncQuery Labs is ready to present its first business-to-customer product, called InstaSchema.

InstaSchema is a new add-on for MagicDraw that is specifically tailored to the needs of users who perform large-scale modelling based on standard or domain-specific profiles.

InstaSchema can automatically and instantaneously validate and repair stereotyped UML/SysML models against a schema defined by a standard or custom (domain-specific) profile, to quickly detect and repair common modeling errors, which are typically introduced by incomplete profiles, external tools, or manual modeling mistakes.

InstaSchema first debuts on the No Magic World Symposium in Allen (TX), USA, between the 21st and 24th of May 2017, presented by István Ráth. To see InstaSchema in action, visit the IncQuery Labs booth!

You can also download the InstaSchema Poster and Flyer.



Open Cyber-Physical System Model-Driven Certified Development  

The OpenCPS project is founded by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund. Project details:
Hungarian Consortium: IncQuery Labs Ltd, ELTE-Soft LLC
Amount of funding: 60 000 000 HUF (76% aid intensitiy)
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