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thyssenkrupp Presta

The thyssenkrupp Presta Group is a technology leader in the field of steering systems, and a major innovative partner of the auto industry.

The purpose of the project

Since 2015, IncQuery Labs has been successfully collaborating with thyssenkrupp Presta Hungary (TKP) on various automotive software development and tool engineering projects. The goal of our cooperation is to further the development of custom automotive software and systems engineering tools based on the AUTOSAR standard in order to help TKP strengthen their competitive advantage both in automotive software development and certification.

Our Working Method

Working in close collaboration with TKP engineers, our team has contributed to the development of the new generation of their software engineering toolchain. This system combines a systematic domain modeling approach with automated generators for code, configuration and tests, allowing the engineers to better focus on their design decisions. Since complete well-formedness analyses are continuously executed on all the underlying design artifacts, design errors can be identified more quickly which ultimately leads to faster product delivery.

Our Impact

  • Design errors are identified more quickly
  • Faster product delivery
  • Growing efficiency of engineers

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