We offer professional consultancydevelopment and training services in the following areas:

  • Innovative R&D: cutting-edge research and development based on your individual needs.

    • High performance modeling tools with traceability support
    • Code generators and transformation chains, with a special focus on incrementality and performance
    • Tool and runtime development for critical embedded and cyber-physical systems
    • Superscalable queries for big data apps (supercharge your big data application by integrating our technologies)
    • Event and stream processing for Internet-of-Things
  • Custom development: make our team of dedicated and highly skilled developers work on your project.
    • Domain-specific languages and tools(Eclipse Modeling, Xtext and Xtend)
    • Business applications (Eclipse RCP)
    • Cloud-based deployment platforms (Hadoop, Docker, OSGi)
  • Model-based processes and technologies: we can help you optimize your tool chains and development processes.

    • Cutting edge model-based technologies (model queries, model transformations, code generators)
    • Introduce or assess a model-based design process
    • Design and use domain-specific modeling languages effectively - to help your design decisions or highlight flaws in your system well before testing)
  • Tools for critical systems: we can help you fine-tune your existing or build new development tools.

    • Tool integration - turn your heterogeneous landscape of existing individual development and validation tools into a powerful integrated tool chain
    • Tool Development - to develop state-of-the-art custom development tools to boost the productivity of your engineers and domain experts
    • Traceability - help with best practices and technologies to ensure end-to-end traceability in your development processes and aid your experts in the assessment and certification of critical systems.
  • Commercial support: we offer professional support for our open source technologies.

    • Consultancy and custom features for EMF-IncQuery and VIATRA (see below)
    • Professional courses for Eclipse Modeling and RCP development (through our partner IQSoft John Bryce)

Key areas of expertise

  • Model queries, transformations and compilers
  • Domain-specific language engineering
  • Incremental solutions, performance tuning
  • Configuration design and deployment
  • Tool development and integration


  • Automotive
  • Avionics
  • Internet of Things

Partners and Users


Open Source Projects

We are key contributors to multiple open source projects and solutions member at


Our flagship open source enabler ­technology is VIATRA, a reactive Java-based model ­transformation engine for EMF. VIATRA is built on an efficient incremental query ­mechanism, which allows for a wide-range of applications. VIATRA being an enabler technology has already seen a series of applications including:

  • code and configuration generation, e.g. generating custom code based on visual models,
  • model validation, e.g. validation against well-formedness constraints,
  • design space exploration, e.g. for seeking optimal designs,
  • complex event processing, e.g. for filtering data in IoT applications,
  • obfuscation, e.g. for IP protection, 
  • automated hardware-software allocation, e.g. in safety-critical systems.

The technology has been already used by several industry leaders such as Thales, Itemis AG and Embraer. More details at the official project page.


Massif is a new Eclipse framework to support the easy handling of MATLAB Simulink models by providing import and export capabilities to/from EMF. Massif uses a general MATLAB EMF metamodel that was designed to store all information for each MATLAB block and provide the type information as defined in MATLAB using library links. Massif provides automated library reference processing when importing libraries and systems, and supports easier bus creator and selector handling by using direct model referencing in the EMF representation that can be automatically translated into the required fqn format as used within MATLAB Simulink. More details on Github and the EclipseCon NA 2015 talk page.


IncQuery-D is an evolution of the original EMF-IncQuery approach, to adapt incremental query techniques to distributed (cloud-based) systems.  IncQuery-D is based on a distributed Rete network that is decoupled from a NoSQL database by a distributed model indexer, and is able to process live (standing) queries over big data (e.g. graph databases containing 100M+ elements). IncQuery-D is built on industry standard big data processing technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and Akka. More details on Github and our MODELS 2014 paper.

Commercial support

While our open source tools are free for anyone to use in their projects, if you need help with building your own solutions using these technologies, we can help by providing support by competent people, including the project committers themselves.

Our Professional support services include

  • developer training,
  • consultancy in deployment, solution design, review and performance tuning,
  • development of custom features and enhancements,
  • prioritized handling of bug reports,
  • providing extended update support for older versions,
  • and providing compatibility with legacy platforms.

If you are interested in purchasing commercial support for our open source projects, contact us to request a quote.


We have open positions for trainees, interns, professional researchers and developers in Budapest - a top European city for startups.If you are looking for interesting and creative challenges, let’s get in touch!