InstaSchema for MagicDraw

InstaSchema is a new add-on for MagicDraw that is specifically tailored to the needs of large-scale modelling based on standard or domain-specific profiles.

Fully integrated with MagicDraw

InstaSchema extends the Customization-based domain-specific language definition mechanism provided by MagicDraw, by annotating built-in and custom profiles to be used for validation. All violations are reported and all quick fixes are offered via the standard user interface facilities that you are already familiar with.


InstaSchema checks for structural conformance of domain models (block diagrams), i.e. whether classes, together with their attribute and reference properties are typed -- tagged with stereotypes -- consistently with respect to the profile. Additionally, InstaSchema also checks multiplicity adherence of dependency relationships.


InstaSchema provides top-notch scalability. All validation is done on-the-fly, i.e. violations are continuously computed without any delay, even for very complex profiles and models that are more than hundred thousand elements in size.

Easy to use

InstaSchema is simple and straightforward to use, as it does not require thexplicit specification of rules, instead it only relies on the tags present in the model. InstaSchema also provides quick fixes for each violation, so that the you can quickly and conveniently repair your model.


InstaSchema gomb  



Customization table

Customization table


On-the-fly validation and quick fixes

On-the-fly validation and quick fixes

InstaSchema can automatically and instantaneously validate stereotyped UML/SysML models against a schema defined by a standard or custom (domain-specific) profile. With InstaSchema, you can quickly detect and repair common modelling errors, which are typically introduced by incomplete profiles, external tools, or manual modelling mistakes.

InstaSchema is currently available as a free technology preview, with no feature limitations and a 90-day trial license built-in.

  • You can download the evaluation version of InstaSchema by clicking on the button on the top of this page. This version was tested with MagicDraw 18.4.
  • The quick start tutorial is also available for download.
  • We are looking for your feedback, feature suggestions, ideas for improvement etc. You are welcome to post public comments on the No Magic forum topic for InstaSchema, or contact us privately via Thanks!
  • A commercial version of InstaSchema is planned for release later this year.
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