EMF-IncQuery moves out of incubation with Release 1.0.0, with VIATRA 0.7.0 also released

July 14, 2015

All downloads are available now from the Eclipse.org download servers or the Eclipse Marketplace. Coinciding with this event is the first public release of the new generation of the VIATRA model transformation framework, which is a complete re-write (downloads, Marketplace).

VIATRA is a high performance model transformation engine powered by IncQuery technology and an Xtend-friendly API based on the “internal DSL” design. Along with traditional, batch-style transformations, VIATRA includes support for source and target incremental live transformations, as well as advanced transformation execution semantics including design space exploration and complex event processing, all integrated over a reactive execution platform.

  • compatibility with Eclipse Mars (Xtext 2.8), improved UI and builder stability and performance
  • support for instance models with “non-wellbehaving” models through surrogate queries
  • enhanced support for UML models, including UML-specific derived features
  • improvements to the query language, in particular whitelists for pure functions that are useful for check expressions
  • improvements to IncQuery Viewers, our live query result visualization technology
  • improvements to our Maven-compatible builder to allow for building IncQuery projects on build servers
  • improvements to the IncQuery Debugger Tooling, a tool to aid in debugging queries across JVM boundaries
  • lots of various bug fixes (details)

We encourage everyone to ask questions in the Eclipse Forums (IncQuery, VIATRA) – none will be left unanswered. Also, be sure to check out the new CPS Example that showcases the most complete feature set of both tools.