International collaboration toward safer, more reliable and energy efficient intelligent systems and smart devices

November 10, 2016

IncQuery Labs Ltd. and ELTE-Soft Non-profit LLC have been supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund to participate in the ITEA3 OpenCPS project. In the three-year project more than 25 research and industrial organizations have been involved from Sweden, France, Finland and Hungary.

The main goal of the international collaboration is to provide answers to the increasing demands of dependable intelligent systems regarding dependability, usability, and flexibility. These challenges are addressed in the framework of the project by developing a unified modeling and simulation methodology and toolchain in order to improve the effectiveness of verification and testing as well as to further the integration between tools and standards.

The results of the project will be integrated into open source tools ensuring the widespread dissemination and industrial application. Moreover, our everyday life will be also affected by the outputs of the project since smart devices will be safer, more reliable and energy efficient due to the integrated model-driven development and simulation.

Hungarian project lead: Ákos Horváth, PhD
Project webpage: