Sirius meets Xtext - IncQueryLabs' presentation at SiriusCon 2016

September 27, 2016

We are proud to announce that our paper has been accepted at SiriusCon 2016. Like last year, Akos Horvath, CEO of IncQueryLabs, will represent the company in Paris, and give an overview about our research results in the integration of graphical and textual representations. Specifically, the talk is about a new graphical syntax for the VIATRA Query Language, with the aim to combine the unique expressive power of the Xtext-based language with the user friendliness of Sirius-based graphical editors.

Title of the presentation: V for visualization in Viatra: The good-old integration of graphical and textual representations

Date and venue: November 15th, Paris

More information: SiriusCon 2016