SoSym article about cross-technology performance evaluation

MDE,MONDO,Safety critical system
January 19, 2017

An article, entitled ’The Train Benchmark: cross-technology performance evaluation of continuous model queries’ has been published in SoSym written by István Ráth, Dániel Varró, Benedek Izsó and Gábor Szárnyas. The paper shows cross-technology performance evaluation in model-driven development of safety-critical systems. This technology had a key role in MONDO EU FP7 project, it is topic of Gábor Szárnyas’ PhD research of BME Fault Tolerant System Research Group and MTA BME Lendület Research Group and also contributes to our finished Thales project and our future eClarity tender.

The Train Benchmark is available as an open-source project with continuous builds from