The Open CPS project ended successfully

Open source,OpenCPS,Papyrus
January 10, 2019

IncQuery Labs Ltd. won the support of National Research and Development and Innovation Fund together with ELTE-Soft NKft. We took part in a 3-year long international project called OpenCPS, managed within the ITEA3 programme, as part of a consortium that consisted of industrial researchers and engineers from Hungary, Sweden, Finland and France.

The purpose of the collaboration was to develop a unified methodology, to tackle the cooperation, reliability and issues of complex cyber-physical systems. Since traditional systems engineering methods are unable to address these challenges, integrated processes are necessary to cover the lifecycle of the complete development tool chains. The OpenCPS project addresses these challenges by proposing a unified methodology and developing modeling and simulation tools. The tool chain improves the efficiency of system-level validation and testing and it also supports the interoperability of various standards and different tools.

The international consortium achieved excellent results, improving both technologies and methods used for design and simulation of complex systems. The most important outcome of the project is the open source master-simulation framework called OMSimulator, which is a scalable platform to efficiently simulate various modelled functions of multiple parts of the system under design. The results of the project are also integrated into the OpenModelica and Papyrus open source frameworks, in order to enhance the cooperation between project partners and make the innovation available for a wide range of industrial users. Another part of the open source stack is the txtUML system, developed by the ELTE-Soft.

In summary, as the integrated model-driven development and simulation approach helps to make smart devices safer, reliable and energy-efficient, all outcomes of the project have a positive effect on our everyday life.