What’s new in VIATRA 2.0?

July 9, 2018

VIATRA, as one of our long-running project, incorporates the results of over 15 years of active research and development. To sum it up, VIATRA provides a model query and transformation framework that helps to move information back and forth between various documents and models in the most efficient way.

Over the past year, the project team has been working hard to both simplify and modernize the existing code of the project. One aspect of this modernization was to require Java 8 as a minimum dependency, allowing features such as lazily calculated query results via a stream-friendly API. The query language was also enhanced with a few new features that makes pattern definitions simpler, e.g. by reducing the need for trivial patterns like ones enumerating all instances of a given class. In addition to these changes, version 2.0 includes fixes and performance optimizations to ensure VIATRA works as expected in as many environments and workloads as possible.

For more details about the progress of the project watch this webinar or read the Eclipse Newsletter.