Our Solutions & Mission

Our mission is to elevate in-depth theoretical knowledge to be utilized in industry solutions, using proven best practices combined with state-of-the-art technology. Our aim is to make engineering better and safer.

Consultancy Projects

Starting from requirement analysis and feasibility studies, progressing into prototyping and product development, to trainings and knowledge transfer.

Engineering Projects

Either based on a fixed cost or time-and-material models, supported by our architects, analysts and project managers.

Engineering Tools

Model-based software and systems engineering is a major strength of our team.

We can help you with the use of conceptual models, to manage complexity using visual tools, throughout the entire system development process. Using our solutions, you can identify design flaws early and thus reduce the overall risk and cost. We can help you adapt best practices by analyzing processes, identifying bottlenecks, and choosing the most appropriate tools.

Our services include

Tool development
Tool integration
Tool certification


IntelliJ IDEA Plug-ins
Model-driven technologies
Low-code Platforms
Early Analysis
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Smart Embedded Systems

We provide support, development and consultancy services for embedded projects.

We have an expert team dedicated to regulatory compliance in mission critical contexts such as automotive, aerospace or industrial automation. Being an Alliance Partner of National Instruments, we provide LabVIEW solutions that serve as a software bridge for measurement and control electronics.

Our services include

Embedded software
mission critical implementation
system integration


automotive software
hardware-in-the-loop testbeds
matalab simulink
embedded c
software v&v technologies

Applied Research & Development

Our long track record of successful research and development can help you in the most critical prototyping phase.

We have accomplished multiple industrial R&D projects, in application domains ranging from automotive, avionics, smart devices, and smart sport equipment. Our specialists will work within your budget, supporting you in making decisions, assess and reduce technological risks, even for the most extreme projects.

Our services include

Technology evaluation
research prototyping


AI & machine learning
computer vision
sensor fusion
event processing
graph databases
distributed systems
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