IncQuery Labs organizes an Eclipse DemoCamp in Budapest

May 13, 2016

It is our mission to revive and engage the Hungarian Eclipse community, therefore we are launching the Eclipse Enthusiast Budapest Group and organizing an Eclipse DemoCamp. During the summer DemoCamp season, several events are dedicated to the current release of Eclipse Platform and related projects.

Thus, Eclipse DemoCamp Budapest will focus on the release of Neon and will present recent developments in various platform components and projects. This DemoCamp is also an opportunity to showcase all of the cool technology being built and/or used by the Hungarian Eclipse community.

Date and venue: 06 July, 2016, Bartók Béla út 10-12. 1111 Budapest (KÉK)

Language of the presentations: HU

Registration and Agenda: Eclipse wiki page (EN) or (HU)