Modes3 Project Presented at Virtual IoT Meetup

March 31, 2016

To answer the question the three winners presented their solutions at Virtual IoT Meetup organized by Eclipse IoT working group. Since MoDeS3 won the 3rd prize, István Ráth and András Vörös as project leaders were talking about the goals and the main challenges of the project.

“Our demonstrator is a combination of both worlds: we used development techniques from the safety-critical domain and we combined them with technologies from cyber-physical domain, so it’s a kind of mixed critical system” explained András Vörös when he detailed the framework of the design. To sum up the main purposes of MoDeS3 István Ráth emphasized that “this design basically meant to illustrate how such a system can be design where you combine rather conservative technologies with state of the art IoT technologies and you use validation and verification techniques in order to verify that individual components as well as a the system as a whole fulfill safety requirements”.