The publication of our co-founders & colleagues about secure collaborative modeling in the latest issue of SoSyM

July 17, 2019
Flóra Márkus

Our colleagues’ study was published by the International Journal on Software and Systems Modeling.

Csaba Debreceni, Gábor Bergmann, István Ráth and Dániel Varró
wrote the article: “Enforcing fine-grained access control for secure collaborative modeling using bidirectional transformations”.

The article is about complex, large-scale systems that are frequently designed by various teams and suppliers, and therefore these systems are protected by strict access control policies. The disadvantage of these policies is that they can limit the efficiency of the workflows and the engineering processes.  

The study proposes a framework to define fine-grained access control rules for models captured by graph. The framework also enforces such access control rules by bidirectional model transformations. The prototype implementation supports both online and offline collaboration. The former requires on-the-fly change propagation (GoogleDocs), while the latter relies on long transactions, like traditional version-control systems (Git, SVN).

These approaches could facilitate the collaborative engineering processes and help organizations scale better.

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